The Start of Eosera

The Start of Eosera

by Natalie Aylett


When Eosera came to life in 2016, the founders, Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin, had a specific vision in mind. As industry veterans in the world of “big pharma”, they saw many opportunities for ways to do things different and better. This is the story of how Eosera has gotten to where it is today.

Eosera's Story

It is one of Eosera’s main priorities to support and value its employees along with members of the community. The company is built on the principles of conscious capitalism, doing everything possible to create new and innovative products that will change healthcare as we know it. Eosera also strongly believes in the “people over profit” approach to business. Not only does Eosera put its employees first, but the safety and efficacy of its products as well. Eosera is different in many ways, primarily by truly caring about providing valuable products that address unmet medical needs, and also by taking care of the people around them.

When it comes to product innovation, Eosera lets the market and its customers share their needs to help direct steps in product development. The company finds importance in ensuring its products provide true value, and addresses a true need, as opposed to “piggy backing” other known products or putting out products that seem to be a good idea, but lacking real support from the market. Reaching out to the community and learning about arising issues in healthcare and gaps in the marketplace provides Eosera with insight on how to best add value to consumers and healthcare professionals around the world.

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As the Eosera founders began, they spent the greater portion of a year speaking to doctors and other healthcare professionals to truly understand what is an unmet medical need today. To their surprise, the issue of earwax impaction rose to the top. Professionals mentioned a lack of effective options available to consumers for cleaning away earwax from the ear canal. What we learned is that there has been little to no innovation in this category for decades.

After finding this interesting and quite frankly shocking information, it led the founders to spend about a year in the lab, creating and testing hundreds of formulations to find a better way to dissolve earwax. After seeing great results in the lab, the founders set up a human clinical trial and found that 86% of patients experienced a complete clearance of earwax in about 15-30 minutes. Thus, our flagship product was born, Earwax MD®. This was the first of Eosera’s products to hit the market in April of 2017. The product was launched to consumers on, and to the medical community at the American Academy of Audiology annual meeting. By September 2017, EarwaxMD ® was on CVS shelves nationwide. The company then began to learn of other needs in the ear care space, which led them to develop an entire line of ear care products that are both safe and effective.

Our commitment is to create products that provide value to both consumers and healthcare professionals. It is a priority to make our products accessible, user friendly and safe for consumers, but also to create products that provide medical professionals a new and innovative way to treat their patients in-office or recommended they use at home.

Eosera is a majority woman-owned company and takes pride in leading groundbreaking work in the biotechnology field. We hope to inspire and help show women more about the importance of women rising as leaders in the work place around the world. As a company, we work daily towards making healthcare humane and creating a label that we are Everything Ear Care.

Eosera Today

Today, we have 6 products available to the public and are working feverishly to produce new and unprecedented work. Our products include, Earwax MD®, Earwax MD® for Kids, Ear Pain MD ™, Ear Pain MD™ for Kids, Wax Blaster MD™ and Earwax PET™. They can be found on our website,, on shelves in nationwide CVS stores, as well as select Target stores.

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Eosera is happy to announce our ear care line, Everything Ear Care!

Product Line Up

Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nation wide and select Target stores.

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