The Dual-Action of Earwax MD®

The Dual-Action of Earwax MD®

by Morgan Heinrich
The scientists at Eosera developed Earwax MD®, which is a patent-pending topical drop that uses new technology, a ‘dual-action’ approach, to dissolve your earwax and clean the ear canal.

How does it work? Our company tested over 200 formulas to discover the perfect one-two punch to dissolve your earwax.

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Right now, you may be wondering- but does Earwax MD® really work? If it does, how? 

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Our product has been designed to take advantage of the chemical characteristics of the various components of human cerumen (otherwise known as earwax).

Earwax MD focuses on the main building blocks of the earwax:

  1. Lipids (fats)/ Wax- generated from glands similar to sweat glands in the ear canal
  2. Protein (debris and dead skin cells) from within the ear canal

For many earwax sufferers, the lipids and protein combine over time to form what we all think of as that yellow sticky material.

If left alone, the lipids and proteins continue to cause wax to grow and finally cause earwax impaction!

Eosera created a 'dual-action' mechanism of action to combat each component…

Therefore dissolving earwax!

PART 1- Lipids/Wax

To break down the first part (lipids/wax), Earwax MD uses a bicarbonate system.

This bicarbonate system targets the bonds and structures of the lipid/wax to break these molecules down to a more water soluble (or dissolvable) structure.

PART 2- Protein

To break down the dead skin cells we use glycolic acid which is pH adjusted to be gentle to our ear canal.

The glycolic acid acts to separate the dead skin cell sheets that comprise up to 60% of the earwax blockage by chemically separating their molecules. This separation disrupts the skin cell sheet structures and breaks them apart. ­­

Summary of our One-Two PunchIMG_1889.jpg

Our technology breaks down the stuff that makes up our earwax (lipids and wax) so it is more water soluble while simultaneously softening the sheets of dead skin that cause the blockage. 

Approximately 15-30 minutes after Earwax MD® is applied, the dissolved earwax can be rinsed out with warm water. 

Earwax MD is easy to use at home! Click here to find out how.

What Makes Earwax MD® Different?

After testing our product in the lab, we discovered that Earwax MD® is substantially more effective at breaking down human earwax samples than currently available earwax removal products that contain 6.5% carbamide peroxide (cerumenlytics).

Eosera is happy to announce our ear care line, Everything Ear Care!

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Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nation wide and select Target stores.

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