Steve Martin, MD, Discusses Ear Infections in Children

Steve Martin, MD, Discusses Ear Infections in Children

by Natalie Aylett


The release of one of Eosera's newest products, Ear Pain MD™ for Kids, is just around the corner! We have spoken to Dr. Steve Martin and gotten all the facts about children and ear infections. Check out the video below to get an insider look!

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Dr. Steve Martin Speaking About Children and Ear Infections



Dr. Martin explains in the video that often in times of an ear infection, children can be in serious pain. When taken to the doctor, they can be prescribed antibiotics but nothing to help the discomfort which is when parents turn to OTC pain medications that sometimes take a while to have an effect.

Pain Kids 3d Right FrontEar Pain MD™ for Kids 

One of Eosera's newest products, Ear Pain MD for Kids is a fast acting pain reliever that instantly soothes. It is hard for parents to watch their kids be in pain, that is why we have created a new over-the-counter medication that works quickly. Ear Pain MD and Ear Pain MD for kids will be available on shelves at CVS and online at Amazon in the next couple of months. Keep your eye out for the official announcement of it's release!

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