Eosera is Everything Ear Care

Eosera is Everything Ear Care

by Natalie Aylett

About three years ago, biotechnology innovator Eosera®, was founded with the goal of addressing unmet and underserved medical needs. The founders began by spending almost a year talking to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers about unmet medical needs, and the issue of earwax impaction, kept coming up. Eosera's R&D team quickly began to work towards a new solution and by April 2017, the company launched Earwax MD®, a product designed to dissolve earwax in 15 minutes and leave the ear canal clean and clear.

Since the launch of Earwax MD, the scientists and developers of Eosera continue to spend time with healthcare professionals to gain a stronger understanding of other unmet needs in the ear care category. These conversations, combined with extensive research, have led the team to developing an entire line of ear care product -- Everything Ear Care. We are so excited to use this article to share with you a little more about our newest products that are coming soon!

"Our goal as a company is to imporve the lifes of both patients and doctors around the world," 

-CEO and Co-founder Elyse Dickerson



All About Eosera's Ear Care Line

Like I said before, Earwax MD was our first product. Shortly after, we decided to design the Wax Blaster MD™ Ear Irrigation Kit as a stronger rinsing device for impacted ear wax. And after speaking to medical professionals, we decided to cover both the pain and itch aspect of ear care. Below is a list of our products and a little info about each of them.

Earwax MD® & Earwax MD for Kids: Earwax MD and Earwax MD for Kids are doctor recommended to dissolve earwax and clean the ear canal. It is both quick and easy to use by simply dropping the solution into the ear for 15 minutes, followed by a warm water rinse. 

Wax Blaster MD™: The Wax Blaster MD Ear Irrigation Kit is a rinsing system designed to have the appropriate pressure to efficiently remove the excess wax after using Earwax MD or other ear cleaning products. It is ergonomically designed and easy to use.

Ear Pain MD™ and Ear Pain MD for Kids: Ear Pain MD and Ear Pain MD for Kids are doctor recommended for fast acting pain relief that instantly soothes.

Ear Itch MD™: Ear Itch MD is a fast acting formula designed to soothe away annoying itch and irritation.

Eosera is Everything Ear Care

We are so excited to launch our newest products and help people around the world with their ear care needs. As a team, we imagine a world where healthcare is humane and try to take a step further towards achieving that each day.

Click here to learn just how safe using Earwax MD is!

Eosera is happy to announce our ear care line, Everything Ear Care!

Product Line Up

Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nation wide and select Target stores.

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