Earwax MD Hits CVS Shelves

Earwax MD Hits CVS Shelves

by Abby Pluimer

Big things have been happening in the Eosera office -- most importantly, Earwax MD has hit the shelves of CVS!

This is a major milestone for our company that will launch us into the next stage for growth. Manufacturing is going to increase, employment is going to rise, and we will continue to make even better products. Earwax impaction is a problem that affects people of all ages; it is incredibly exciting to open a new product channel with the hope that more people can experience the healing-effects of Earwax MD. 

Check out this feature on Dallas News for more details about what entering CVS means for us! 

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Don't you fret, even bigger news is on its way! 

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You can now purchase Earwax MD in CVS stores nationwide, and on Amazon. Earwax MD is a new and powerful technology that will safely and effectively remove and clean away unwanted earwax.