Dear Earwax Diggers

Dear Earwax Diggers

by Morgan Heinrich

Written by Morgan Heinrich| #EarwaxMD @EoseraInc

As far as your body hygiene goes, your ears do not need to be cared for as much as you think. Actually, most people don't even need to clean their ears out!

The age old saying "don't stick anything smaller than you elbow in your ear" rings true- so listen up ear diggers!

Stop putting your fingers into your ears. Risks not only include cutting your ear canal or pushing wax further into your ear --causing earwax impaction-- but sticking your finger in your ear is a HUGE mistake!

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Keep reading for the the letter to all of you ear miners out there!

Dear All Earwax Diggers,

Similar to pimple poppers and nose pickers, some people are fond of scratching or digging in their ears. It's okay- no one is perfect!

Pick your poison--cotton swabs, fingers, paperclips, pen caps, and the right-sized desk utensils are all instruments of earwax issues.

STOP- all of those fun little shovel substitutes can be causing cuts or earwax impaction that can lead to pain or infections. Those tools of the trade tend to conceal lots of microscopic bacteria that could cause these infections. OUCH AND YUCK!!

So instead of digging around and depositing bacteria in your ear canal- next time, use Earwax MD to help clean out your ear canal.


Earwax MD

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