Current Treatments for Ear Pain

Current Treatments for Ear Pain

by Natalie Aylett


No one is new to experiencing ear pain. For some people, it can take a big toll on their day to day lives. The treatments for ear pain right now are not always very effective and can take time for them to kick in. This article is designed to tell you all the current ear pain treatments out there today!

Current Treatments for Ear Pain

  • A cool or warm compress: This isn't always the most helpful or effective method but if your ear pain is minor, a warm compress may be able to do the job. Simply soak a wash cloth in warm water and rest it on your ear. Be sure not to make the wash cloth too hot for your skin.
  • Olive oil drops: There is no scientific proof that olive oil actually cures ear pain, the American Academy of Pediatrics says it could be moderately effective on ear pain, according to an article on WebMD. Use a dropper to put a few drops in your ear that is giving you trouble. Who knows, it may be beneficial to you.
  • Over the counter pain relievers: OTC pain relievers can be effective, but often in times they can take a while to kick in. Tylenol and ibuprofen are both known to work for this.
  • Chew gum: Chewing gum can be helpful in certain situations when ear pain pops up. For example, if you are flying on an airplane, you may be experiencing the pain from the change in pressure. Chewing gum will help lower the pressure and minimize the symptoms. But, it is important to realize that chewing gum for too long can add to the pain in your ear from over working your jaws.

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Ear Pain Can Be a Real Pain

Ear Pain is agonizing and can be incredibly uncomfortable. Next time you are experiencing this pain, remember the treatments above and above all else, remember to give Ear Pain MD and Ear Pain MD for Kids a try!

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