CEO and Co-Founder Elyse Dickerson Introduces Everything Ear Care

CEO and Co-Founder Elyse Dickerson Introduces Everything Ear Care

by Natalie Aylett


Eosera® is doing big things! As a startup company, we have been building ourselves from the ground up. Our flagship product, Earwax MD®, launched in April of 2017, and that was only the beginning. We are so excited to announce the creation and launch of an entire ear care line! Ear health is so important, and it doesn't always get the attention it needs.

Product Line Up

In the video below, Eosera's CEO and Co-Founder Elyse Dickerson, is speaking about our mission as a company and introducing to the world what Everything Ear Care really is.

CEO and Co-Founder Elyse Dickerson Introduces Everything Ear Care



Eosera's goal as a company is to improve the lives of both doctors and patients around the world. Speaking to doctors and other healthcare professionals has really helped us on our journey to find exactly what the healthcare world is missing.

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Eosera's Current and Upcoming Products

Our current product is Earwax MD but we have several upcoming products to share with you too! Earwax MD® for Kids, Wax Blaster MD™, Ear Pain MD™ and Ear Pain MD™ for Kids are all set to launch in the next few weeks. We also are working on another new product, Ear Itch MD™ that will launch in 2019. Below is a detailed list of all of our products.

  • Earwax MD® & Earwax MD for Kids: Earwax MD and Earwax MD for Kids are doctor recommended to dissolve earwax and clean the ear canal. These products are both quick and easy to use by simply dropping the solution into the ear for 15 minutes, followed by a warm water rinse.

  • Wax Blaster MD™: The Wax Blaster MD Ear Irrigation Kit is a rinsing system designed to have the appropriate pressure to efficiently remove the excess wax after using Earwax MD or other ear cleaning products. It is ergonomically designed and easy to use.

  • Ear Pain MD™ and Ear Pain MD for Kids: Ear Pain MD and Ear Pain MD for Kids are doctor recommended for fast acting pain relief that instantly soothes.

  • Ear Itch MD™: Ear Itch MD is a fast acting formula designed to soothe away annoying itch and irritation.

Ear Care is Everything

Every morning you wake up, brush your teeth, and shower. Why is caring for your ears any less important? Eosera has made an ear care line that makes it easier for cleaning and caring for your ears to be part of your daily routine. You're welcome (;

Click here to learn how to know if your ears are clean!

Eosera is happy to announce our ear care line, Everything Ear Care!

Product Line Up 

Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nation wide and select Target stores.

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