Celebrating the Women of Eosera

Celebrating the Women of Eosera

by Natalie Aylett

It's International Women's Day and what better way to celebrate than admiring the hard work the women of Eosera have been doing over the past year?

Because Eosera is filled with empowering and successful women, we want to take the chance to share our story and give support to all the other women out there pursuing their dreams!

Who Are The Women Of Eosera?

Elyse Dickerson, CEO and Co-Founder, MBA

Elyse Headshot .jpgElyse Dickerson, the CEO and co-founder of Eosera Inc., is an award winning business woman who has become an icon for young women in the biotechnology field. Elyse is a powerhouse in the work place and always makes it her goal to go one step further. She set out to find a solution to help others worldwide and has succeeded with grace.

Not only is she the perfect example of what is it like to be a girl boss but she uses her power to mentor younger girls on their road to success in healthcare and technology, encouraging them to follow their dreams and become successful business women just like herself. Elyse has a BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. 

Melanie Morris, Marketing Manager, MBA & MA

Mel Headshot 3 copy.jpgMelanie Morris, the marketing manager of Eosera, is another great example of a successful business woman. She is an absolute rock star in the world of marketing and is always one step ahead when it comes to the game plan. Melanie is passionate about community service and international development. She serves on the board of directors for the Ocean Academy, an entrepreneurship-based high school in the country of Belize, as well as partners with non-profit organizations in Ethiopia providing skills training programs to women in need.

Melanie has lived and worked in many places around the world, which has fueled her passion for thinking of creative ways to use business as a way to alleviate poverty in many communities around the globe. She holds a BA in International Studies with a focus on Business and Economics from the University of North Texas, an MA in International Development and MBA in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship from Brandeis University.

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Jennifer Weinkam, Operations Manager

Jennifer Headshot 2.jpgJennifer Weinkam, the operations manager, also makes the list of empowering women at Eosera. She has an extensive background in many aspects of business management including operations, sales, accounting and business development. Her varied areas of expertise, along with her spunky and positive attitude, brings significant value to the team, and makes working at Eosera fun.

Not only does she have a big heart and is passionate about people but she has a keen ability to connect with others around her and loves to offer words of affirmation and encouragement. She is dedicated to her work and her family and is always one of the first to volunteer in times of need. Without Jennifer, Eosera would not be the true team we are.

Natalie Aylett, Marketing Intern, UTA Student

IMG_0434.jpgNatalie Aylett, (aka me) is the marketing intern at Eosera. I am a junior at the University of Texas at Arlington, double majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. This is my first opportunity to have an internship and it is such a huge privilege to work among such highly successful and dedicated women.

When I graduate I hope to find myself with a career in healthcare and doing my part to help others. In the mean time, I am having a blast writing for Eosera and learning from these women every day.



Supporting Women Around the World

International Women's Day is huge! It's a day dedicated to all the women out there making a difference in the world. Today let's celebrate women, support women, help women, and encourage women, we deserve it!

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2018 

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