Back to School Routine

Back to School Routine

by Natalie Aylett


Summer is quickly approaching it's end and it's school time again! This can be an overwhelming and stressful time of the year, but it can also be a time for new beginnings and a fresh start in all aspects of life not just education. This article explains the importance of ear care and why you should make it a part of your routine this school year.

Why Ear Care is Important

Think about it... we brush our teeth at least twice a day, wash our hair, and take care of our skin, so why wouldn't ear care be just as important? Cleaning your ears can benefit you by removing all the dirt and other debris out of the ear canal. With that being said, ears don't need as much TLC as our teeth but it is important to clean them a few times every week. Just simply wash them with soap and water in the shower and be sure to dry them out with a towel when you're done! Please note that it is never safe of suggested to put any type of object into the ear canal.

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Eosera®: Everything Ear Care

When it comes to ear health, Eosera has your back! We have created a whole line of ear care products that are safe to use. Below is a list of all of our products:

  • Earwax MD® and Earwax MD® for Kids: doctor recommended to dissolve excess earwax.
  • Wax Blaster MD™: a doctor recommended, easy to use ear irrigation kit that safely irrigates the ear canal.
  • Ear Pain MD™ and Ear Pain MD™ for Kids: a doctor recommended, fast acting pain relief that instantly soothes.
  • Earwax PET™: veterinarian recommended to clean dogs ears quickly and dissolve excess earwax effectively. (Dog's need their ears cleaned too!)
  • Ear Itch MD™: a fast acting formula with medicated rapid relief that instantly soothes.

Have a Great School Year!

The start of a new school year can be stressful, but cleaning your ears doesn't have to be! Add cleaning your ears into your weekly routine, you won't regret it!

Eosera is happy to announce our ear care line, Everything Ear Care!

Product Line Up

Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nation wide and select Target stores.

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