6 Tips to De-Stress Your Pet Before the Vet

6 Tips to De-Stress Your Pet Before the Vet

by Natalie Aylett

Taking your pet to the vet can be a very long, tiring, and stressful task. And if your pet has anxiety about going, it can be even more difficult. This article gives tips on how to de-stress your pet before their visit to the vet!

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Tips for a Relaxing Trip to the Vet

  • Make the vet feel familiar to your pet: I know life gets crazy and your schedule can be full. But if you ever have a chance to just stop in at the vet with your pet to say hi, it may make them feel more comfortable. Going to a place they are familiar with may make the experience a little easier when they have an actual appointment.
  • Be prepared: When you are stressed, your pet may be too. Make time the night before to get everything together for the vet so you are ready when the time comes. It's also important to leave in time so you are not rushed.
  • If your pet is sick, don't wear them out: Some pet owners like to have their dog well prepared by bathing and grooming them beforehand. By the time that is over, they are not up to a visit to the vet. Be aware of how your dog is feeling and don't put unneeded stress on them. The vets won't be upset about it.
  • Make them feel at home: One of the best ways to make your pet feel at home and comfortable during a visit to the vet is bringing along one of their favorite toys. You may have to check with your vet beforehand to make sure this is okay.
  • Don't make unnecessary visits: If your pet is constantly having anxiety about going to the vet, make sure the visit is necessary. Call the vet if you have questions or concerns before making the trip with your pet, there may not be any reason to go in.
  • Spoil your pet (a little extra) before and after the visit: Yes I am sure they are spoiled already. But a little extra love and attention may just calm them down.

Vet Lovin' Pet

Unfamiliar places can be scary, even for your pet! The stress of that and being sick can take a big toll on your pet's behavior. Put yourself in their shoes and remember these tips for a hopefully easier and more relaxed next trip.

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