11 Questions About Ear Cleaning: Myth or Fact?

by Morgan Heinrich

Written by Morgan Heinrich| #EarwaxMD @EoseraInc

What is the craziest thing you have heard about cleaning your ears? What is the craziest thing you have stuck in your ear?

We grew up cleaning our ears or having our parents do it for us... and now it is just part of our daily ritual. But have you ever wondered if what you were sticking in your ear is actually safe?

Now you don't have to wonder- we are going to distinguish between the myths and facts about your ear cleaning practices and your earwax!

In the process of debunking everything you grew up knowing, here's a quiz so you can have a little fun... Good luck!

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Okay so how did you do? Did you learn something you didn't know about the gunk inside of your ear?

There are a lot of cleaning theories out there so it is important for your ear health to know how to distinguish between the myths and the facts.

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